Do you want to change your vote

This is my question to everybody who voted on the promise of good governance, cheaper fuel, black money returning to India, sabka saath sabka vikas, RS 30 ka $1.

After 8 years we have seen petrol costing more than hundred rupees a litre, black money increase to more than double, US$ crossed ₹78 for the first time ever, LPG cylinder costing more than ₹1000, inflation at all time high, the country looking like a tinderbox waiting to be set on fire.

Even the big so called accomplishments of this government are in question.
Abrogation of article 370 which got unanimous support hasn't stopped terrorist attacks in Kashmir. Kashmiri pandits are being targeted and killed even today despite a movie marketing their plight made ₹400 crores.

While the entire country breathed a sigh of relief when the Ram janmabhoomi case was finally over, multiple similar cases have opened up in Kashi and Mathura. A continuous effort is being made to keep the Hindu Muslim agenda alive in people's minds.

Does it not bother you that Genocide watch has warned the world that we are on the verge of a large scale Muslim community genocide.

Do you feel sorry that foreign investors choose not to bring there investments into India and move to Vietnam / Taiwan instead?

Do you think it's nice that for one post of a cleaner in the railways, there are more than 15,000 applications including doctors, engineers and post graduates.

Can you sense the desperation of the youth in not being able to get jobs in the army which they have been preparing for the last 3 years?

Do you remember the senseless lines outside banks in 2016 November following the useless demonetization exercise?

Did you cringe when you watched thousands of migrants walking back home dragging children on suitcases or carrying them on their heads because the government wouldn't give a damn to their predicament?

Were you also desperately searching for oxygen, plasma, remdesmivir and hospital beds last summer and did you lose someone in your family to the delta variant because our young had not been vaccinated? Because an election had to be fought, and a kumbh mela was advanced by a year?? Did you enjoy watching the government state in the Parliament that there was NO OXYGEN SHORTAGE and NO ONE died due to the lack of it.

Have you owned one of the businesses that have shut down because lakhs of rupees got stuck in input tax and you don't know how to get your money back??

Don't worry about ye nahi toh kaun? Worry that if this regime continues, the India as we know it, will be gone.

Dr.Sarika Verma
AAP Haryana Spokesperson.