30 Tuesday
June 2020
Living a dream.

It’s been 26 years since I donned my first white coat and even today I give the same smile.

Being a doctor is a childhood dream for many kids. The toughest part for me was getting into medical college through the All India PMPD exam , the common medical entrance exam back then. A whole year of studying, fretting,crying, afraid of being unable to get a rank and having to become something else for the rest of my life….made me work harder than I had ever done. The relief of making it was so huge that the first few weeks passed in a breeze. The shock of seeing a human corpse on the Anatomy table, the fear of ragging simply didn’t register in my relief addled brain.

College was 4.5 years of studying, learning new things and time with friends.The year as an intern was really special as it transformed students into doctors and gave us skills to be able to treat fellow human beings. First IV line, first surgery, first delivery, first fracture reduction, first lumbar tap and even first catheterization. The icecream treat when I delivered twins!

The long hours and physical exhaustion, the duty room where the fan’s wings could be counted even when it was running. Endless exams and countless hours of studying, operating and 11 years of night duties before I started my own practise.

If you make your passion your profession, you won’t have to work a single day in your life. A newbie’s excitement ripples through me as I start OPD every day, and hope I can use my knowledge to make someone feel better.Thank you doctor “aapki dawai se bilkul theek ho gaye” are the nicest words a doctor can hear.

Despite the danger of disease, the fear that we can carry infections ( especially in corona times) to our families, the incidents of violence and misbehaviour against doctors, why do we keep doing what we do? Miss meals, work hungry, reading medical journals instead of magazines, attending CMEs to remain updated.

The thing is, for many doctors like me, we are simply living our dream. The joy of doing what we do, a correct diagnosis, a neat surgery, a kind word, a human touch.

For anyone who is in school today and thinking of becoming a doctor, I just have one question for you.Why do you want to be a doctor? For the money….there are easier ways to earn a lot more. For the prestige….one should try civil services. For your parents…. please don’t waste your life ! Unless it is your dream, your choice, your life’s purpose….only then it’s worth going through it all. The road is long, the journey is arduous, medicine is not for the faint hearted.

But if it is your dream, then put in the most you have, because there’s no joy in the world that’s better than living your dream.

To all my fellow dreamers, Happy Doctors Day.

Dr.Sarika Verma
ENT surgeon Gurgaon.