13 Sunday
May 2018
Mommy : you can change the world

Dear Mommy,

Happy mother’s day. Just one day to celebrate your efforts is not only grossly inadequate, it is an understatement for half the world’s unpaid workforce.

A mother is the beginning of every human being. Giving birth, nurturing, nourishing, shaping children into future citizens, such is the responsibility that a mother is given.

Today, I’m asking every young mother to understand how important a task she has in Nation building. Children are a blank canvas, they will become the colours we choose to paint.

India needs to do away with a lot of its present mindset. To start with,please don’t tell your children about caste. Let them grow up without understanding what this curse of Indian society means. We have been suffering for centuries under this terrible system… so many lives have been directly and indirectly affected by the caste system.

Even the makers of the constitution had envisaged that in a few decades this system would fade away and there would be no need for reservation. But in 2018, the caste of a person still decides their position in entrance exams, their selection into political parties and the way votes are cast. We mothers can raise a whole generation of children who are absolutely unaware of caste as an identity. I hope you will not add the prejudice of caste into your kids’ minds in their formative years.

I first heard of caste when I was 17 and I had to fill the caste column in my entrance exam forms. Till date, I do not consider people’s surnames and castes while I interact with them. The future India will bless you if you can get rid of this terrible system, one child at a time.

Keep religion a personal affair. Who we pray to,what we eat,who are our friends : these are personal choices. Let religion not become a consideration when children are growing up. Let them play with children of every religion, educate them to respect each other’s religious sentiments and do not add your personal prejudices to their mindset. Allow them to participate in others’ religious celebrations so that we can have a more cohesive community as they grow older.

Let our country not have communal riots,ever. That,Moms is your power! You can shape the future of this country’s thought process!

Teach your children to be kind. Raising a kinder generation will be a service to humanity. We all live for ourselves. Our children mean the world to each one of us. But if we can raise children who are kinder to their family members, neighbors, helpers, subordinates and colleagues, we are directly creating a better world. Lesser violence, lesser acts of evil.What we teach children today will decide the headlines of newspapers two decades later.

Give children a world view of humanity. The world is a global village and every day technology is shrinking boundaries. In the coming decade,people will inhabit Mars. We must raise awareness about the world’s people. Tell them about the mindless bombing of Syria and how a few rich nations are destroying poor nations one country at a time. Tell them about the futility of war , and the value of peace. Teach them that Pakistan and Bangladesh were once a part of India; that the colour of the passport does not change what we essentially are : Human Beings. Teach your children torespect the nation. I read debates about rising for the National Anthem and I wonder what kind of school, parents and teachers raised these adults who cannot even stand up to respect their National Anthem and National flag. Educate yourself and your children about the freedom struggle and know how many people lost their lives to give us the tag of “Free citizens”. Teach them to respect the armed forces,farmers and teachers. Inculcate a sense of gratitude for our nation and its resources.

Learn about eco-friendly measures and become an example for your children. Don’t waste water, switch off fans, lights, air conditioners while exiting the room. Obey traffic rules and stop honking . Segregate waste at source and try to join a community venture for improving the environment.

Moms, the effort you put in today will alter the course of humanity in the coming times. Be aware of the power you hold in shaping the future of the world. We need to leave a better world for our kids.We also need to leave better kids to run this world. Good luck 😊💕

Dr. Sarika Verma
ENT Surgeon & Allergy Specialist

02 Wednesday
May 2018
Dear Health Minister

Dear Health Minister Sh Anil Vij ji,

I write to you distressed after reading about the incident of the childbirth in the ambulance while the mother was being shifted from Civil hospital Gurgaon to Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi and subsequent demise of the newborn. This is a complete failure of the health system in Haryana state and you must take responsibility for the same.

The fact is this mother was registered for antenatal check ups and when she reached the civil hospital to deliver, the hospital did not have adequate services to handle a high risk pre term baby and the doctors had no option but to refer. If the child had been born and did not get the care necessary as the Civil Hospital Gurgaon lacks NICU, the doctors could have been beaten up by the attendants for “killing” their baby. Now that the doctors referred to a higher centre for better care, they have been suspended. The doctors cannot be held responsible for the lack of infrastructure in this government hospital.

Gurgaon is the financial capital of North India. The revenue being generated in this Millenium city rivals its big brother Delhi.The property prices have been going through the roof and high-end condos are the rule not the exception. In this scenario the only healthcare provided by the government to its 25 lakh plus population is a civil hospital in old Gurgaon which has neither been upgraded with times nor is it functioning any more than a referral centre to Delhi’s hospitals. More than once, patients I have referred for routine ENT surgery have been forwarded to Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi. It is time that the civil hospital be upgraded to a state of the art hospital for the people of Gurgaon. It is also a humble submission that you can start a medical college attached to it so that Superspecialists of all specialities are available round the clock and patients are not forced to reach private hospitals for emergency care.

Gurgaon has no dirth of models for tertiary hospitals…. we have more than 8 corporate hospitals which are tertiary centres of excellence. You have to invest in a neonatal ICU, a functioning blood bank, create world class operation theatres and state of the art emergency and intensive care unit. What is stopping you? You have funds. Gurgaon is generating more than enough revenue for the entire state. The only thing lacking is a political will to improve the healthcare facilities.

The role of the state health ministry is not just initiating an enquiry into the Fortis case or asking Medanta to refund 16lakhs bill for a patient who has expired . It is the moral responsibility of the health ministry to provide quality healthcare to all its people.

We, the residents of Gurgaon ask you to take action after this terrible incident and ensure that immediate steps are taken to upgrade the Gurgaon Civil hospital to become a tertiary care centre. No more lives should be lost in transit Sir.

Not one more.
Dr.Sarika Verma
ENT Surgeon