21 Tuesday
March 2017
The Change that AAP has brought in, already.

Hum rajneeti karney nahin, rajneeti badalney aaye hain”, Arvind Kejriwal’s favorite and oft repeated statement. Few years since the formation of Aam Aadmi Party ,and there is a perceptible change in the Indian Political Scenario, something which cynics thought could never change.

The impact of a young clean party, echoing the sentiments of a large percentage of people, has forced the traditional parties to forego their usual slices of taxpayers’ hard earned money in the form of VIP culture, laal batti gaadis and inordinate number of security personnel in states with an inherent VIP syndrome like Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, no less!! Suddenly every new Chief Minister is echoing the AAP mantra of declaration of personal assets of MLAs, annual report cards of MLAs and MPs and public discussion of the MPLAD funds. This is a very welcome step and I think every Indian citizen will be happy to know their tax paid money is not being wantonly wasted by their elected representatives.

The path breaking Mohalla Clinics are now being replicated by the Congress government in Karnataka and the BJP government in Gujarat, besides being a torch bearer of affordable health care for the most advanced nations of the world including USA and UK. This single step alone replicated all over the country can solve the problem of primary health care at people’s own door step. What did it take? A government open to new ideas and willing to encourage local talent. Wouldn’t it be great if all state governments start solving people’s problems this way??

The AAP government in Delhi reduced value added tax(VAT) and still end up collecting 18% more in tax collections. Removal of the raid raj, innovative schemes like “bill bharo, inaam pao” have enriched the coffers of the government, while being trader and business friendly. But then, isn’t that the primary role of every government, why must people be terrorized by their own government officials?

Removal of the infamous tanker mafia in Delhi,providing potable water to hundreds of colonies of Delhi which had never seen piped water, making the Delhi Jal Board cash rich despite providing 20,000 litres of water free to all homes in Delhi are some of the contributions of a simple straight forward government which delivers its electoral promises.

Creating a new standard of education in government schools, including new classrooms, Parent teacher meets, summer camps, swimming pools and readability challenges. These are reforms absolutely unheard of in the government sector. Hopefully the rest of the states will wake up and start emulating what the capital is teaching them.

More and more young people are becoming politically aware and taking interest in politics than ever before. In a nation famous for its poor voting percentage, the last few years have raised public awareness about the importance of participating in the electoral process.

Whatever your political leanings, you will have to agree…..desh badal raha hai aur ismein AAPka bahut contribution hai…..kyun ki hum rajneeti karney nahin, badalney aaye hain.

Jai Hind.