22 Thursday
September 2016
The women of Delhi.

We, the women of Delhi. Who are stared at, groped, cat called and touched. Who keep quiet or hit back but keep walking. Who are hit and stabbed and raped in public places and become another statistic. A talking point of news anchors, a breaking news on a ticker tape. An object of an all party debate. A discussion on who’s jurisdiction is it anyway. A candle light memorial service near India gate. And forgotten till the next incident. Repeated in a loop.

Who is supposed to be providing us security? ? The Delhi Police who is “with you, for you, always”…. but they are busy arresting the AAP MLAs. Who are without exception given bail the next day. …. how are they doing their duty?? The Chandigarh police has launched a service that if a lady approaches a PCR van at night and she does not have a way to get home…They drop her home. That is the job of a police person. To secure the women in their city. Can we imagine approaching a Delhi Police PCR van at night alone??

One woman is reviving the Delhi Commission of Women which under the able stewardship of the past chief investigated 9 offenses in 5 years and solved only 1. She has reiterated that any woman who has any problem in Delhi can approach her. She has started a helpline which all women are aware of. She is working and demanding that the Nirbhaya Fund which is lying unused since the day it was started with much fanfare amidst complete media back slapping and speeches is now being withdrawn …..she wants it to be used to improve the safety of women in Delhi . She’s working to help the women and children in GB road brothels and has unearthed a 5 crore prostitution racket being run by a ruling party MP. But is she being allowed to work?? No! A complaint has been filed by the former DCW chairperson of the 1 case fame and this complaint has been made into an FIR by the Anti corruption bureau and has named the Delhi Chief Minster for good measure.

Na hum kaam karengey. kissi ko aapka kaam karney dengey. Neither the central government under who’s jurisdiction the union territory of Delhi lies will do anything for our safety nor will they let ANYONE find a solution to improve our safety. Whether we live, get abused or die…. It just doesn’t matter to anyone.

I wish the 7 MPs of Delhi would be given the proverbial chullu of paani to doob maro instead of showing their sorry faces to the people who elected them. Sorry women of Delhi, you are of absolutely no consequence to the people in power.