17 Saturday
December 2016
Demonitisation :Dear Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister

I write to you as a law abiding tax paying citizen of the country who has lauded your initiative of demonitisation and the thoughts to reign in black money and tax evaders.

Though the thought behind the demonitisation was excellent, the implementation left much to be desired including the basic test of how the ATMs would disburse notes of a smaller size.I do not blame you sir, but you must hold the RBI and finance ministry officials accountable to the entire nation and ask them to explain how they could not have anticipated the most basic practical step.

How could the RBI not anticipate the minimum amount of cash required when the entire nation was in the queue to change their 4000 rupees. This into 1.25 crores should have been in hand before launching this mammoth task, and if there was a leak which you needed to plug, you should have done it . In order to get your element of surprise, you put into jeopardy an average of 6 hours of each citizen’s life to stand in queue and more than 100 lives who’s cause of death should read “poorly implemented process of demonitisation “. I am sure this was not the intention, but then who out of your task force is responsible for the poor planning and complete bungling of this entire programme? ?

While the entire country stood in queue, supporting your decision in spite of their own inconvenience, 2 pieces of legislature have come as a rude shock to the populace.

One, you have proposed immunity of the government officials to be prosecuted by the CBI on charges of corruption without the written consent of the minister in charge. This is quite a mockery of the stand against black money as it is common knowledge that the maximum corruption in India is in the government sector, this is the area which needed the strictest action. It’s a known fact that government officials in certain departments divide the daily collection every evening and take home packets of cash which are acquired by the exploitation of their position as a government servant in a department of public dealing and hence is the first place where you should have struck with force in your war against black money. Sheltering the segment which needs to be prosecuted is contrary to what you want us to believe.

The second thing which has shaken the foundation of the trust that all Indians have shown in their support of your demonitisation drive is that you have allowed political parties to be exempt of declaring their unaccounted money and allowed them to accept old notes without explanation, without a limit . How can you have two sets of rules for your citizenry, one where the majority has to explain any value more than the 2.5lakhs ordained by you, and another for the political class where there is no limit? So do you also believe that the political class of people have precedence over the common man and woman of India? If yes, why? ? And if no, please change this stance with immediate effect.

Modiji, you were voted with absolute majority with the faith and hope that you will have the courage to make India better for it’s citizens . Your courage and conviction is being tested by the nation. Show the citizens that you really want to make the political class and government babus accountable to India or else we will lose our faith in you. Let the world remember you as a master statesman who walked the talk, not another politician who shook the faith of his voters. We have wanted for decades a person who can take a stance against black money . Don’t let us down after we have gone through so much trouble.

A citizen of India.