07 Saturday
October 2017
Who will save you ,my country?

A 1.3 billion people.

Lost in the daily grind.Commuting and arranging water.Returning home safe, a great find.

Our soldiers man the borders.But who will tackle the enemy within?Poor sanitation and blocked drains.Being challenged by every rain.

Who will cover the drains?Who will take responsibility to clean?When the cameras are gone,And Swatch Bharat a faraway dream.

Who will stop religion in politics?Something that’s truly personal.Who will marry whom….To be decided by a tribunal??

Cities fully digitised on paper,Held hostage by convicted rapists.Elected governments paralysed,Watching as 30 are killed.

Who will stop the beatings,Given in the name of caste?Who will stop the rapes…Which leave the world aghast?

Small and medium scale industry dying.From years of government neglect.Factories shutting shop daily.Lack of incentive,trained labour and electricity.

Farmers dying every day.Mainstream media busy in Twitter wars.Cooked up GDP rates.Who knows what real figures are.

A country’s most powerful weapon.The ballot is sold for a dram.People lost in survival….Our future be damned.

Who will save this country?Will it continue to be under-developed forever?Government after government .Just concerned about staying in power.

Things will settle in the long run,The finance minister said.Opening his mouth said a former economist PM,In the long run we’ll all be dead.

Dr.Sarika Verma

02 Monday
October 2017
The lessons to learn from Newton: The film

Declaration: I have no conflict of interest for or against the film. The views are personal and arose after watching the movie… : )

First and foremost, I’m grateful to my Mom who told me after I had booked the ticket online that it’s a very slow film, nothing really happens… so I was forewarned. I went with Zero expectations and came away with the following learnings.

Some of the dialogues were simple yet so thought provoking.

“ Nature is a great equalizer: Both Ambani and the Chai wala will fall at the same speed if dropped from a hill….talking about Newton’s gravity”

“We spend 3000 crore rupees ensuring a free and fair election in India, even if the voters send thieves to the parliament”

“Iss baat ka ghamand mat karo ki tum imaandaar ho, this is expected from you, you are not doing a favour to the Nation”

“ Keep doing your job correctly, the Nation will become better by itself ”

Mind blowing stuff, really! Have we ever valued our vote as much? So many people risk their lives and limb so that the entire nation can vote. Does casting their vote mean anything to the uneducated people in the most peripheral parts of India? Yes… it was promised to us by the founders of the Constitution. It’s a right given to us as citizens of the world’s largest democracy. The fact that it’s been made a mockery does not mean we give up. We vote, and we vote and we vote. Let the governments change again and again and again, until we have responsible accountable people who actually represent us.

Casting your vote is not optional. Election officials, police and army personnel put their lives in danger ensuring that you can vote. Ask the people in countries where there is no free will, where there is no access to internet, no right to free speech. We will realize the power of the ballot, and respect our country a lot more.

The announcement that Newton would be India’s entry to the Oscars this year, came on the same day as the movie was released. Normally the announcement is made few months after release of the film. This itself shows that the announcement was made to boost its ticket sales. Pointless,really. The viewers are way smarter than the gimmickery you try. The best way to make a movie a hit is to invest in a fabulous story. But our film makers are going to take a long time to get that. Until then, we try to find something good out of what’s available.