A magical journey

It's hard to believe that a doctor would shut clinic, to stand on the road distributing pamphlets, and do it with joy.

My journey with Aam Aadmi Party has been purely accidental. I just followed my joy one day at a time, and found myself in the middle of India's great political experiment. Today as AAP completes 10 years of existence there are thousands of volunteers like me who will be rejoicing. Many have continued unabated, few have gone back to their jobs and offices with the satisfaction that AAP is in power in two states of India, and that the dream of making an educated India is already a work in progress.

My colleagues in the Medical profession find it astounding that I take out so much time- off from clinics to work on the ground campaigns. 15 years back I would have thought it impossible. I've been an academician, clinician, surgeon and gold medalist. But I have also realised I am intensely patriotic. Influenced by the books I read; Shaheed Bhagat Singh died at the age of 23 in the hope that the flame for freedom would spread across India. I assume that struggle was no different than what we have now. A handful of people crazy enough to fight for a cause they passionately believed in, while the multitudes went about their livelihood.

I am an insignificant cog in the AAP machinery. But to be a part of something so wonderful is magical. I know so many of you don't care about the politics of the country. But if you keep quiet, things will change as they have over the past many years....the fabric of the country is changing rapidly. We must work towards transparency, have the freedom to ask questions, and keep the government accountable.

I feel empowered when I stand with AAP. I feel as if something in me comes alive when I wear the AAP topi. In every election from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana I have tried to contribute my time, efforts, energy and money. And when I see Delhi's education system transformation, mohalla clinics and farishtey scheme, I do believe it's all worth it.

We aren't going to get out of here alive. Make every day of your existence count. There is no limit to the money you can make, but there is also no monetory value one can put for the joy in your heart. For those of you who hesitate to take out time for AAP's on ground activities - Jee lo zara..... Kal Ho Na Ho..... I feel blessed to be a part of this magical journey. Many congratulations to all AAPians. #10yearsofAAP

Dr Sarika Verma
ENT Surgeon Gurgaon
AAP Haryana Spokesperson.