Public Health Awareness

Dr Sarika Verma believes we all are born to improve the lives of others

- She has been conducting medical camps in various villages over the last decade
- During Covid pandemic she crowd funded 8,000 three layered cloth masks and conducted camps in multiple slums and villages of Gurgaon educating citizens to wear masks    properly.
- Helped cook and distribute rations during the Covid -19 lockdown
- Organised hearing screening camps for Traffic Policemen to highlight the issue of Noise Pollution due to Horn Overusage on Indian roads, and intervene with their hearing loss    early.
- Has helped conduct several Covid Vaccination drives in Gurgaon
- She has been conducting Spirometry and ECG camps for Heart- Lung disease awareness.

Part of Rotary International's Surgical team in Malawi, Africa.

Public awareness- Against Hate Crimes