Patient Instruction

Appointments: The clinic is functional every day from Monday through Saturday. The mornings are by prior appointment only, the evenings Dr Sarika Verma is available 5:30pm-8:30pm. In case you have taken an appointment, please ensure timely arrival at the clinic, and in case you need to re-schedule, kindly inform about change of plans. You can call on 9815906322 ..

About allergy testing: Allergy testing takes about one hour and the report is handed over to you once the readings are taken. It is essential to stop all oral anti-allergy medicines one week prior to allergy testing this includes tablets, cough syrups, but you do not need to discontinue nasal sprays.

Endoscopy: Please inform the Doctor in case you are allergic to local anaesthesia.

Diagnostic nasal endoscopy is an office procedure taking about ten minutes. Done in the clinic after nasal spraying of local anaesthesia, there are no dietary restrictions prior to nasal endoscopy.

Diagnostic Laryngoscopy is a procedure to visualize the vocal cords. It is advisable to not eat one hour prior to the procedure.

Surgery: All surgeries to be conducted under general anaesthesia need six hours NPO (Nothing by mouth) prior to surgery. Overnight fasting is recommended for all patients and NOTHING should be taken in the morning.. except any hypertensive and hypothyroid medicines as recommended by the doctor.

For surgery under local anaesthesia 2 hours fasting is adequate.



"I was about to die...didi ne humein bacha liya.."

Patient Sonu, 22 year old female with peritonsillar abcess, parapharyngeal abcess, mediastinitis, pretracheal abcess and pleural effusion. Treated in Oct 2010.

" I am grateful to Dr Sarika for diagnosing my throat cancer which was missed by many ENT specialists"

Patient Mr Khatri, oropharyngeal cancer diagnosed and treated in April 2010.

"Very good diagnostic skills and excellent explanation of disease in layman's language" Patient Ms. Sonalika. October 2011